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National Philatelic Organisations.

Canada. Royal Philatelic Society of Canada. [email]  Necessary and practical information can be found here about the society and philately, with numerous sub-pages, and some "on-line exhibits" available.

Denmark. Danmarks Filatelist Forbund. [email] Attractive site with a number of pages detailing the society's various services and attractions. Lists societies in Denmark with meeting times and places, contacts, etc. (Danish language)

Denmark. Kobenhavn Philatelist Klub. [email] Although in name the philatelic club of a city, this organisation holds such status that it deserves listing here. 

Finland. Philatelic Federation of Finland. [email] In addition to the general details expected, there are lists of publications, local and specialist societies within Finland, and some useful Finnish links (especially useful for Finnish speakers !)

Gibraltar. The Gibraltar Philatelic Society. [no email] Very basic single page, with secretary's postal address.

Israel. The Israel Philatelic Federation. [email] Gives details of the Federation's activities, and details of the 25 member groups (unfortunately without any hyperlinks). Good source of information about new Israeli issues. 

Japan. Japan Philatelic Society Foundation. [email] The internet arm of a large and well-supported organisation. Much information about the JPSF, all in English, their local groups and study sections, publications, new Japanese stamps, and much more.

Malaysia. Philatelic Society of Malaysia. [email] Practical/contact information about the society, and a little other info besides. 

New Zealand. Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand. [email]  Membership information, publications available, links to members who are on-line, and much more.

Norway. Norsk Filatelistforbund(or click on the Federation of Norwegian Philatelists link for English language version). [email]  Good information about the organisation, plus access to publications lists, other specialist groups, and "the Web's most extensive List of Links to Norwegian Philately".

Pakistan. Stamp Society of Pakistan. [email] At the time of writing, this contained mainly empty web pages, surely with the intention of expansion. Currently only basic Society information is listed.

Scotland. The Association of Scottish Philatelic Societies. [email] Extensive website with background and up-to-date details of the Association, plus links to numerous philatelic societies, information about the annual Scottish Congress, a diary of meetings and events, minutes of recent Council meetings (freedom of information !), and more.

Sweden. Sveriges Filatelist Förbund (or click on the "English Menu" button for English language version). [email]  The Swedish language verion is much more extensive, with news, links, local information, etc.

United Kingdom. Association of British Philatelic Societies, The British Philatelic Trust, and The National Philatelic Society. [email - see individual organisations accessible through this site] A well-presented website put forward as a joint venture of three separate UK philatelic organisations, and an excellent example of co-operation. Numerous sub-pages cover various topics. A good (and official) resource on UK philatelic matters, which should provide information and/or entertainment for most philatelic surfers.

United States of America. American Philatelic Society. [email] A website to match the society - huge, interesting, attractive, and popular. Megabytes of info on the site, and hundreds of further links. Well-maintained site with quite regular updates.


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