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Stanley Gibbons
British Commonwealth Stamp Catalogue

Stamley Gibbons Commonwealth Stamp Catalogue

This catalogue, published over many years in a variety of forms (see below) is one of the best-selling catalogues for collectors in the United Kingdom, and also has a dedicated following abroad, where it is seen as the standard priced listing of the stamps of the British Commonwealth. It is published annually, usually about September.

Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue - Commonwealth and British Empire Stamps 1840-1970
"2011" Edition (113th), published September 2011.
PUBLICATION DATE 27 September 2010 and NOW IN STOCK.
 600 A4-size pages, hard-cover.
Lists all stamp issues from 1840 up to 1970, covering all the countries broadly termed "Commonwealth" including some which are not now in the Commonwealth. (Includes United Kingdom, British Isles including Ireland, Empire, Colonies, Protectorates, countries under British Occupation or where the British ran the Post Office, etc.)
Profusely illustrated in colour.
All stamps listed including any differences in design, face value, colour, shades, watermark (different watermarks, inverted, sideways, and reversed variations), perforation, plate numbers, and many others including some varieties and some postal history notes.
Catalogue prices quoted for each stamp mint and used (please note that "catalogue prices" are not necessarily an indication of actual market values).

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History of different versions of the Commonwealth Catalogue.
1. For many years called the "Part One", or "The Red Book", it was in one volume, and covered all stamps from the start up to the date the catalogue went to press. (This was Part 1 of the Gibbons three volume set - the others were Part 2 Europe and Colonies, and Part 3 Overseas.)
2. Over the years the size of the catalogue grew as the numbers of stamps increased, and eventually it was split alphabetically into two volumes. These of course still kept increasing in size, and in price, until eventually this complete catalogue was stopped ("2002" being the last edition.
3. Starting with the 2003 edition, Stanley Gibbons decided to split the Commonwealth into chronological periods, and it seemed that they might publish a set of three volumes, possibly 1840-1952, 1953-70, and 1971-present. Only the first of these was ever published, the date range was later increased to 1840-1970
(for the UK and other countries using Sterling currency, this therefore ends at the change to decimal currency), and it seems to be settled at that. They have started to produce a series of smaller catalogues covering individual countries or areas. (Email for details of individual catalogues.)

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